Friday, March 2, 2018

10x, Jeweler's Loupe : Mahavir Gems

10x, Jeweler's Loupe : Mahavir Gems: 10x Jeweller's Loupe for identification and grading of gemstones & diamonds.

10x Jeweller's Loupe SS Eco
Product Code: 10xLoupeSSEco
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Offer Price :₹850.00
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Diamond Loupe, Jewelry Loupe, Gem
Grading Loupe,
Jewellery Loupe, Triplet Loupe,
Jeweller's Loupe,
Polishing Loupe, Magnifier, Steel,
18mm Loupe, 10x loupe

Item No. 10xLoupeSSEco
Finished in: Steel Finish
This larger diameter 18mm 10x Loupe
giving you comfort and control,

while allowing you to hold your loupe
steadily for prolonged periods when fingers gets tired.

This larger loupe is available in a
standard steel finish.

Comes with a storage case.

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