Monday, March 21, 2016

Colour of the Year 2016

Fresh summer breeze Pantone announces that two colours will share the title “Colour of the Year 2016” Sutra Jewels / Diamond and amethyst feather earrings It has never happened before: for 2016, the internationally acclaimed Pantone Color Institute has named two colours “Colour of the Year”. With the warm pink hue “Rose Quartz” and the cooler sky-blue “Serenity”, two pastel shades are blended into a single flowing colour gradient, a gentle, harmonious counterpoint to the stresses of everyday life. In this combination, both nuances act like a fresh summer breeze, spreading the power of tranquillity. But the colours are far from appearing naive or even twee. Instead, the pastel duo has a timeless effect in both fashion and jewellery, highlighting the beauty of women of all ages. Jewellery designers have been inspired by the two Pantone colours to rediscover coloured stones such as amethyst or blue chalcedony. Aquamarine, pink sapphire, opal, morganite and pink-coloured freshwater pearls have a strong radiant energy that has a particularly flattering effect in combination with pink or yellow gold.

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